“Go Green” Case Studies

Savings achieved by an industry leader in alternative-fuel fleets.

Pro Leasing Services (PLS) was one of the first in the industry to recognize the potential for “green” or alternative-fuel vehicles, including those powered by propane. Here are several case studies highlighting the savings we’ve helped our clients achieve.

PLS Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Case Study #1:

A PLS client in Ann Arbor, Michigan was operating a fleet of vans that were getting 10 mpg on diesel fuel, which was priced at about $4.25 per gallon. Knowing the advantages of alternative-fuel vehicles, we recommended they convert to propane, which was selling at approximately $1.95 per gallon.

We began by up-fitting (e.g., converting to propane) four of their vans at a cost of $7,800 per van. We then arranged for a propane fuel provider to install a fueling station at their location free of charge. This station allowed our client to receive a $.50 per gallon tax credit. In support of the client, we also co-authored a grant application for which they received $5,000 per vehicle on three of the four vans.

As the result of our assistance, the client was able to realize a savings of $257,400 over a three-year period on these four vans. This figure is after the $31,200 cost of the conversion.

Given this success, it’s no wonder this PLS client plans to convert another 20 vehicles in their fleet to propane.

PLS Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Case Study #2:

A national PLS client operates a fleet of 30 step vans that get an average of 10 mpg. The vans run 12,000-15,000 miles per year, and are held in service for approximately 12 years. Having identified the operator as a prime candidate to benefit from alternative-fuel vehicles, we recommended they convert their fleet to propane.

Even though the vans required the installation of duel tanks because of their size at an up-fit cost of $14,000 per van, the PLS client still achieved a 28% savings in fuel costs.

Like to learn more on the advantages of alternative-fuel fleets?

Ask us how PLS (in partnership with Icom North America) can not only reduce your fleet’s fuel cost and extend the life of your vehicles, but also minimize maintenance expenses.

Propane – 90% of which is produced in the USA – burns 80% cleaner than distilled fuels, offering a 28% reduction in emissions over gasoline and even greater percentage over diesel. The cleaner-burning fuel reduces engine preventative maintenance (e.g., oil changes, etc.) costs by 25%.

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