accident_reportingAvailable 24/7, your drivers always have someone to call. Our specialists will prepare a comprehensive accident report at any moment of the day. No phone trees or message centers, your driver will talk directly to a trained ASE and I-CAR certified specialist.

  • Drivers who have been in an accident can contact our customer care center 24 hours a day, every day year round. Answering time is typically less than 10 seconds.
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive two-page report within 24 hours, You’ll have timely access to vital accident information.
  • Accident reports will be distributed to you and your insurance company.
  • When required, a police report will be obtained to determine fault and assist in pursuing subrogation. There will be immediate notification when an injury has occurred.
  • We will provide accurate accident reports, legal documents, to be submitted in court.


collision_repairIn the case of collision repair, high-quality work at fair prices, guaranteed for the life of the lease. Experts will do all of the work to coordinate and monitor vehicle accident repairs.

  • All repairs are monitored to be sure they are performed correctly and in a timely manner.
  • The customer contact center can be reached toll free, 24 hours a day, every day, year round when your driver’s are involved in an accident.
  • Experienced collision repair specialist coordinate and monitor the repair work.
  • Organizations can take advantage of our accident reporting, towing and vehicle rental services. This means your driver can report the accident, arrange for a tow truck, and procure a rental vehicle in one phone call. For you, that means knowing your drivers are taken care of and knowing you can find all of the information is on one place.
  • 2,200 collision repair facilities nationwide means there’s almost always a location near your drivers.


salvageWhen it a major accident and the repair costs exceed the value of the vehicle, let us help you obtain as much money as possible for your vehicle.

  • We solicit bids from a wide range of established licensed auto salvage dealers, proven to provide the best returns.
  • There are no auction fees or transportation charges associated with the salvage of the vehicle.
  • We manage the whole process from relocation, title transfer to disposition of the vehicle.


subrogationOn average, 30 percent of all accidents require subrogation to collect losses. A typical subrogation demand to another party may include collision repair costs, rental vehicle costs, loss of use, towing, independent appraisal fees and diminished value, the loss in resale value even though the vehicle is repaired to acceptable industry repair standards. Our accident management program provides subrogation, where our specialists will actively pursue recovery for damages when another party is at fault. Subrogation is an important part of any accident management program.

  • Each incident is automatically evaluated for subrogation potential as part of the standard process. If the claim is eligible, our specialists locate the adverse parties and begin the subrogation process.
  • A thorough investigation and review of police reports and other information is done to evaluate each incident for subrogation potential.
  • Every attempt is made to recover monies on all not-at-fault incidents. When necessary, there is the use of binding arbitration, outside collection agencies or litigation to recover funds.
  • We have a nationwide network of attorneys for claims that may require litigation.

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